BD350 is a heavy duty pressure sensitive, 40-year cycle, duct joint rolled sealant. BD350 provides an aggressive water resistant grip to most surfaces including sheet metal, duct board, flex duct, PVC coated duct, and duct wrap vapor barriers. BD350 is suitable for subgrade application on PVC coated duct.

These high quality wiring connectors are fitted with a cone shaped, plated steel spring that conforms to the inside contour of the insulating shell. It supports the spring as the conductor is driven up into the top of the cone wire connector. This line of fixed spring electrical wire connectors may be used to make branch circuit or fixture wire connections on numerous combinations of solid and/or stranded wire cable. These electric wire connectors are available in the standard AWG sizes and colors. Blue, orange, yellow & red.

Our Big Dog American™ Support Webbing is ideal for hanging HVAC duct. Installation is easy. Simply attach Big Dog American™ Support Webbing to the support member with a screw and a Zip-EZ Fastener™. The polypropylene monofilament support webbing is lightweight, making it easier to install than metal strapping. It is available to order in 1.75 inch /Black 300 foot rolls. Passes UL 723 Burn Test for flame and smoke development. Water, chemical and corrosion resistant.

Big Dog American™ nylon duct straps are designed for use with flexible air ducts and air connectors allowing for quick and secure installation. Available in 36 & 48 inch, these duct straps are not only great for using on HVAC ducts, but for use when a longer cable tie is necessary. With a tensile strength of 175 pounds, not only will they hold up HVAC ducts, but these duct straps are great for bundling large cable or wire bundles. These straps have a maximum operating temperature of 185°.

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