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The Lineset Box™ is a Line Set Rough in Box.

HVAC Contractors – Now YOU have a Termination Point for your Line Set Condensation Drain & Low Voltage Wire.

  • Easy to Install
  • Architecturally Pleasing
  • Better Weatherization by Keeping the Line Set & Condensation Drain Penetrations Out of the Direct Rain and Snow.
  • The Best New Construction Line Set Protection on the Market
  • 3 Available Colors: Black, White, and Brown

Buy Now The Line Set Rough In Box

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Kinked Copper

Lineset Box Finished

Lineset Box Siding Installed

The plumbers have a washer and ice maker box, the electricians have their boxes, and now you have a Line Set Rough In Box. Claim your place on the job to run your line set & condensation drain too with the Lineset Box™.

How many times when you rough in a new home you scope out where to run the line set, and you come back from lunch and the plumber, electrician…etc. has taken the bay. Now with the Lineset Box™ you can install it when you cut out the house and hold the bay for your line set and condensation drain.

Run your line set thru it (if you prefer to keep your line set long), or keep it in the Lineset Box™ for the best line set protection during construction until you return to set the condensers, helping to eliminate any chance of being kinked or bent.

Just one kink will cost you hours of time and as you know most of the copper line sets today aren’t as flexible as they used to be, so one kink and it’s done.

Easy to Install

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Lineset Box Cut Rough Hole

Lineset Box Lineset Installed

Lineset Box Drain Installed

Lineset Box Installed Inside

Lineset Box Copper Pulled Out Ready For Brazing

Lineset Box 78 Copper Brazed In

Lineset Box Copper Complete

Lineset Box Finished Drain Installed

Lineset Box White

3 Available Colors: Black, White, and Brown


Lineset Box White Front

Lineset Box White Side

Lineset Box White Rear


Lineset Box Brown Front

Lineset Box Brown Side

Lineset Box Brown Rear


Lineset Box Black Front

Lineset Box Black Side

Lineset Box Black Rear

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